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Such a Holi will unite the Jiva with Shiva

(Holi: 28th March, Dhulendi: 29th March)

The festival of Holi and Diwali are ancient. Historians have not found concrete proof of when they started, but everyone has accepted that they have a deep insight envisaged by the Indian sages.

Festival to get rid of aversion


Villagers, when they get together to celebrate the festival of Holi, if there are any outgoing year’s ill-feeling amongst them, they will say: ‘O Brother Whatever has happened, that which is ‘Ho… Li…’ is ‘Holi’. Let bygones be bygones. Let the dead bury the dead.’ And they embrace each other. With each spraying colours and with their loving emotions, the aversions go away, life is filled with Joy and Happiness and people get an opportunity to come closer.

It is necessary to stay Vigilant:

During such festivals, if you are not vigilant, then men-women, husband’s, wives and younger brothers, neighbours of the opposite sex, youths take liberties and touch each other’s organs. This excites hidden passions so huge bundles of wood are burnt outside, but the fire (flames) of lust burns in their hearts. Instead of giving benefit it causes harm. If such festivals are celebrated as per the directions of Saints, Rishis and scriptures, they bring zeal and joy, remove the meanness of heart and are potentially capable of uniting the Jiva with Shiva sooner or later.

Night Vigil and Japa are very beneficial:

High tide and low tide come on Full moon and New moon days respectively. The water element gets agitated. So the water content of the seven dhatus in our body also gets agitated. The moon exercises a great influence on all bodies of water and liquid substances. If a person indulges in sex during these days, this will cause more loss/depletion in his/her energies. If it results in conception during this time, then a handicapped child might be born. As the adverse effect of sex is more during these days, similarly the positive effect of doing Meditation, Japa, Pilgrimage and association of Great men is also more. Observing vigil in the night of Holi and doing Japa is greatly meritorious. Japa performed on this day gives a thousandfold fruit.

The power of mantra is beneficial for Tamoguni, Rajoguni, Sattvaguni and also for the enlightened one who has transcended the Gunas. Chanting of mantra awakens the divine essence and destroys bad tendencies accumulated in many births. Doing meditation and Japa with faith, self-restraint, diligence and concentration destroys bad tendencies, removes the sins of killing many cows and other evil acts and brings Peace and Bliss to the heart.

Play Holi with Natural Colours:

Whoever does not use natural colours on the occasion of Holi suffers more from physical heat for rest of the year. He may have irritability; become a victim of skin disease or various allergic conditions. He may have mental disturbance. Such people are mostly found in foreign countries.

Four important points about Holi:

(1)            One should play Holi with colour prepared from Palaash (Butea frondosa) flowers. After Holi, the sharp/bright sunrays fall vertically on the earth, which causes a disturbance in the seven dhatus and an imbalance in the seven colours of the body. Hence on the occasion of Holi Purnima and Dhulendi, if we sprinkle colours prepared from Palaash and marigold flowers on each other, this will balance the seven colours and seven dhatus and we will develop tolerance to heat produced by vertical rays of the sun. But unfortunately, the festival is celebrated in an unnatural way. People started playing Holi with toxic chemical colours which are extremely harmful.





Adverse effects


Lead oxide

Renal failure,

learning disability


Copper sulphate

Burning and swelling in eyes, temporary blindness


Aluminium bromide



Prussian Blue

Contact dermatitis


Mercuy sulphite

Skin cancer


Chromium iodide

Bronchial asthma,

other forms of allergy


I request everyone with folded hands to save society from these diseases, society should not play Holi with bazaar toxic colours.

(2) Take 20-25 soft leaves of Neem (margosa) with 1-2 black pepper seeds or take the juice of Neem flowers mixed with 1-2 Black pepper powder and consume it for 20-25 days after Holi. This will maintain coolness in the body and you will also, develop tolerance to heat, Pitta will subside, and the person will remain healthy for the whole year.

(3) Taking a salt-free diet for 15-20 days after Holi will improve your health greatly. If you cannot take a salt-free diet, then reduce the amount of salt.

(4) You should protect your head from sunlight. Those who allow the suns rays to directly fall onto their head will see their memory, eyesight and hearing power deplete gradually. Old age starts after 42 years and the brain of careless and unrestrained people becomes weaker. Roaming around bareheaded during summer increases Pitta which causes a burning sensation in the eyes. Hence protect your head from sunlight, protect yourself from sorrow, protect your mind from egotism and protect your individual soul from repeated birth and death and teach how to love God.  

– Pujya Sant Shri AsharamJi Bapu