Rishi Prasad- A Spiritual Monthly Publication of Sant Sri Asharam Ji Ashram

How to keep the family happy ?

Nowadays, women watch action movies and dramas portraying family conflicts, and sing songs like: “The heart broke into a thousand pieces, one fell here and another there…” while cooking food.

Now, the people eating the food cooked by someone whose heart broke into a thousand pieces are but bound to be ruined. Hence, prepare food while hearing devotional chanting, repeating the Guru mantra mentally, remembering God and repeat at times, “Narayana… Narayana… Narayana...”

Secondly, some women have the habit of complaining while serving food, thereby giving anxiety, tension, and stress to the family members. There is already so much stress and anxiety in the world. These
ignorant women do not realize that they are serving poison with food to their loved ones, husband, sons, family members, etc.

“Babaji! Are we giving poison?”

“Yes! On many occasions, you divine ladies happen to serve poison. Just while serving the food, you report that the current electricity bill is worth Rs.6000/-. Now, his salary is only 18000 rupees; and hearing about the 6000/- rupees’ bill he became tense, which turned his food into poison.”

“Our son did not go to school today, the mangoes you bought are sour, the next door lady said like this....” If this is how women narrate their problems and anxieties to their family while serving food, then it is akin to serving poison.

So, please do one more favour to your family members, irrespective of howsoever grave a problem is, do take care that they do not feel stress or anxiety while eating. If they are anxious, don’t serve food to them. Say some soothing words of solace and then chant, “Narayana… Narayana… Narayana…. EVEN THIS WILL PASS. Why do you worry? Come what may, we shall manage it together. At least, right now you can of course eat blissfully my dear husband, son, brother, uncle, maternal uncle (whoever it is)!” So, mothers and sisters should cultivate this virtue.

We should be happy and cheerful ten minutes before and after eating so that even the food-extract is charged with the vibes of purity, piety, and joy. If the food-extract produces stress and anxiety causing hormones, it will become toxic. It will give rise to psychosomatic disorders like diabetes, low or high blood pressure; and it may increase the risk of a heart attack too. So, before eating, before cooking and while serving food one should be cheerful and utter four times the name of Lord Narayana who abides in the hearts of both men and women.

Brothers too ought to do one thing. One, who goes to bed with anxiety in mind, grows old faster. He who sleeps brooding over his fatigue doesn’t get relief even after sleeping for 8 hours. The fatigue creeps into their subconscious mind. Hence, never go to sleep at night with thoughts of fatigue or stress in your mind. Just as, if one washes his hands, feet, and mouth and doesn’t wipe them dry before eating, they get an increased life span and even their food is digested well. Similarly, before going to bed at night, if you make your mind cheerful, free from anxiety and thoughts of fatigue; and sleep while chanting ‘Narayana…Narayana...’, then besides giving you the required rest that 6 hours of your sleep will be counted as devotional practice as well. This will not only pave the way for your own felicity but also help your dead ancestors towards emancipation, besides ensuring the supreme welfare of even your children.