Rishi Prasad- A Spiritual Monthly Publication of Sant Sri Asharam Ji Ashram

A big problem faced by youth and its solution

Many youths ask, ‘Despite making all efforts, we are not able to stop nocturnal discharge; what should we do?’ First, one should understand what nocturnal discharge or night pollution is. Nocturnal discharge means involuntary seminal discharge during sleep. It is also called Ehtilaam. Many youths falling prey to bad company, or by mistake, develop the habit of wasting their sexual energy. To get a little pleasure, some youths waste their precious sexual fluid- ‘semen’ by masturbation or by other bad habits.

After that, nocturnal discharge starts occurring. Initially it happens only occasionally, but later on it starts happening daily.


Due to wasting sexual energy during childhood (puberty), the waist, nerves, heart, brain and intestines, etc. become weak and as a result of this, food doesn’t get digested properly. Nowadays, some people sit in their shops or other places even when they are sick, the whole day.

People are not even able to walk 1-2 miles a day in the morning or evening or do physical exercise. People are not even able to have a stroll before sleep, as a result of which they do not get proper sleep. People consider it their duty to watch movies and dramas, listen to lewd songs and passionate music, watch porn, indulge in obscene talks repeatedly, entertain lustful thoughts and sow the seeds of such bad habits in the hearts of children.

Nowadays, people want soft beds to sleep on and tamasic food; no wonder they get nocturnal discharge. Absolute good conduct is required to stop nightfall.

There is a saying that ‘Good company elevates and bad company destroys.’ Due to bad company, one does not just get ill-repute but also becomes ill and contracts of venereal diseases. Reading vulgar books or seeing obscene pictures exercises a great influence on the mind. Hence one should keep good religious books at home and should display pictures of Saints and continent persons instead, so that one gets sublime thoughts. Bad company has destroyed even virtuous people.

Remember, good company makes man a god and bad company makes man worse than the devil. Our evil conduct creates trouble not only for ourselves but also for common people.