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Pineapple: Rich in medicinal properties

Pineapple is a rich source of digestive enzymes. It gives an instant feeling of freshness. It gives strength to the heart. It is a brain tonic. It destroys parasitic worms. It gives instant energy. It promotes excellence of complexion. In summer, it gives freshness and coolness to the body. Its juice helps in the digestion of high protein foods. It also strengthens the intestines. But these properties are present in the freshly prepared pineapple juice. Canned pineapple juice is harmful to health.

As compared to pineapple pulp, its juice is more beneficial. Juice extracted from small pineapple pieces by pressing them in a muslin cloth has remarkable nutritional values whereas the juice extracted by juicer machine is deficient in nutritive compounds and it is difficult to digest. It is better to use the cut fruit or juice immediately. It contains an enzyme namely bromelain, which is similar to pepsin in medicinal properties. Pineapple helps in the excretion of toxic wastes deposited in the body and thereby strengthens the body.

Therapeutic Uses:

* Drink pineapple juice to strengthen your heart. It relieves the heart and liver of excessive heat and imparts them energy and coolness.

* Chest pain (heartburn) or abdominal pain after meals can be cured by drinking 25-50 ml. pineapple juice with ¼th teaspoonful of ginger juice and a dash of ground Ajawaayin (Carum copticum) for seven days.

Indigestion: Intake of pineapple slices dashed with black salt and pepper cures indigestion.

As a digestive: (1) Before meals or with the meals eat ripe Pineapple slices dashed with rock salt, ground cumin seed powder, and black pepper powder or you may mix these powders into a glass of fresh pineapple juice and sip it. It helps in gastric problems, indigestion, stomachache, etc. It also promotes the digestion of heavy food.

(2) Taking a mixture of 50ml. pineapple juice and 50ml. apple juice, one teaspoonful honey, ¼th teaspoonful ginger juice stimulates the secretion of intestinal juice. It also helps in hypertension, indigestion, and irregular menses.

Constipation: Daily intake of pineapple dashed with rock salt with the meals helps in problems associated with the evacuation of bowels, flatulence, loss of appetite, etc.

Piles: Application of mashed pineapple on piles gives relief.

Pimples: Pineapple fruit pulp should be applied on pimples. Drink pineapple juice. It helps in pimples.

Renal stones: Intake of its juice for about 15-20 days helps in renal stones. It facilitates urination.

For eye diseases: Dip cut pieces of pineapple in honey, and keep it for 2-3 days. Thereafter consume them in small quantity for a few days. It helps in curing eye diseases. It also stimulates the digestive fire and thereby stimulates appetite. It cures distaste for food.

In Urinary Problems: (1) Burning micturition, oliguria (less urination than normal), foul-smelling urine, dysuria (painful micturition), dribbling of urine, etc. can be cured by taking one glass of pineapple juice mixed with sugar candy before meals. It facilitates urination and cures urinary disorders.

(2) In the case of Polyuria, take a drink of pineapple juice mixed with a dash each of powdered cumin seed, nutmeg, pepper and rock salt for normal urination.

For reducing the harmful effects of smoking: In order to get rid of the detrimental effects of excessive smoking, abstain from smoking and take a few pieces of pineapple with honey.

P.S. The prescribed quantity of pineapple juice in all the above-mentioned conditions is 100-150 ml. One may change the quantity according to one’s age.

Precautions: * Pineapple increases Kapha so it is contraindicated in cases of chronic cold, cough, asthma, fever, joint pain and pregnancy.

* One should consume fresh, ripe, and sweet pineapple juice only. It is better to avoid raw, sour, or over-ripe fruit.

* It is contraindicated in cases of hyperacidity and persistent cold.

* Never take pineapple flavored ice-cream or milkshakes containing pineapple juice as these are extremely harmful to the health.

* One should consume pineapple juice either during the meal, or half an hour after the meal.

* Do not eat pineapple when you are hungry or your physical constitution is of pitta type.  It may cause abdominal colic.

* Young children should not be given pineapple. It causes disturbance to the functions of the stomach and intestines.

* One should not take fruits and fruit juices after the sunset.