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Special article on the Corona virus Tragedy

Return to our roots before the calamity strikes

It is quite obvious to all what could be the deleterious effects of going against the tenets of Indian culture of abstaining from non-vegetarian and inedible foods. The Corona virus outbreak, wreaking havoc worldwide, is a recent example of this. The Corona virus disease has become pandemic. Within 3 months, the number of Corona virus cases is more than 80,859, out of which more than 3,100 people have died in China. This virus has already spread to more than 101 countries including Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Oman; and worldwide the number of infected cases is more than 1,05,586. It has entered India, but the situation is said to be under control. Before this, SARS, a zoonotic disease had created havoc.

From where did these Corona like viruses come?

According to scientists, the Corona virus is transmitted from animals to humans. Meat traders, who procure animals and work in meat production, and meat eaters endanger their lives by touching, inhaling and eating animals; they invite life threatening diseases and untimely death. If you follow vegetarianism, why would such diseases arise? Non vegetarians are endangering not only their own lives, but also the lives of vegetarians, because this virus spreads from humans to humans.

In China, there is prohibition on wild animal trade and its consumption.

Zoonotic diseases caused by viruses and meat eating

Names of the viruses Disease spread
H5N1 H5N1 Avian influenza or Bird flu
Ebola Ebola viral disease
Nipah Nipah virus infection
SARS coronavirus SARS
H1N1 Swine influenza


What are the preventive measures?

(1) Vegetarianism is a preventive measure against these viruses.

(2) These viruses infect only those with low immunity. The best and simplest way of prevention is to burn desi cow dung cakes or ‘Gauchandan dhoopbatti* and add drops of pure desi cow ghee or coconut oil, ‘guggal*, camphor* onto it. It stops the growth of viruses. So, prevention is possible in all places. It also destroys the germs and viruses which cause various diseases and creates a health-giving, happy environment. Pujya Bapuji, a visionary great man, has widely propagated the dhoop of cow dung cakes for the last few decades, and discovered the ‘Gauchandan dhoopbatti’ for health benefits and boosting immunity; and ‘special Gauchandan dhoopbatti’ for memory enhancement. It is now being understood by expert doctors that the dhoop done by burning a cow dung cake is effective in keeping the environment free from such hazardous viruses.

(3)   One should resort to the other measures for enhancing immunity mentioned in the spiritual discourses of Pujya Bapuji and published in ‘Rishi Prasad’.

Prevention is better than cure

Being tormented by the terrible pandemic of the Corona virus illness, the world is being compelled to adopt vegetarianism and the principles of Indian culture. But how much better would it have been that from the very beginning, the world followed the advice of great men to abstain from meat eating and thereby prevent violence of innocent animals and this disease!

Whenever the kind beneficial advice of the visionary and foresighted great men and scriptures is ignored, then sooner or later, its fatal consequences have to be suffered and ultimately, people are compelled to follow the scriptures and great men. There are so many examples of this right in front of us:

‘People should practice Brahmacharya and continence.’ Those countries who ignored this principle of our sages and seers, and adopted the thought of ‘free sex’, suffered the fatal sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, which spread in far off countries; and those countries are compelled to spend billions of dollars on the education of abstinence, and even then, the expected results are not being achieved. According to the Innocenti report card, Issue number 3, published by UNICEF, ‘Since 1996, more than US$ 400 million in Federal and State funds has been spent in ‘Abstinence only’ campaigns in America’s schools.’ If they take benefit from the campaigns ‘Divya Prerana Prakash* - Yuvadhan Suraksha’ then they could get excellent results with nominal expenses.

Whether it is a matter of practicing celibacy or the seasonal consideration of dietetics, Omkar therapy, mantra therapy, meditation or prayers; the great men of India like Pujya Bapuji have the treasure of knowledge to keep the body healthy, the mind cheerful and the intellect well-developed and impressive and to maintain the same. Those who do not understand the importance of this knowledge, invented costly medicines and equipment for health and comfort, but the problems worsened instead of diminishing. Finally, after getting exhausted and frustrated, the people of the world are once again compelled to take shelter from these systems prescribed by sages of India for health and peace. In a similar fashion, the ‘World Health Organization (W.H.O.)’ along with the whole world is looking forward to our cow-therapy (Gau-chikitsa) with great hope.

If the world wants to avoid calamities like the above mentioned, then they must turn towards the knowledge imparted by the sages and seers and Self-realised men of India. If not willingly, then after suffering great losses, as there are no other solutions whatsoever. Then O dear learned people! O people of the world! Why suffer loss for no reason?

Foreigners are unaware of the greatness of our culture so they are coming on the right path after suffering loss, but we are already born in ‘Bharata Bhumi’. The streams of good samskaras are flowing in our country, even to this day because of the teachings imparted by Self-realised great men. Society is badly in need of the satsang and guidance of Pujya Bapuji who is awakened in all-pervading Brahman, who is a great man, an embodiment of continence. His mere darshan frees people from desires of sense enjoyment and inspire them to tread the path of supreme bliss, His mere appeal made crores of people start celebrating ‘Parents’ Worship Day’ the elevating day of sacred Love, leaving the celebration of erotogenic destructive Valentine’s Day; He is the embodiment 
of good conduct, who advocated vegetarianism and helped countless people quit drinking, eating meat and addictions, for which the author of Shri Asharamayana wrote: He has given new life to many persons who were on the verge of death; and helped many quit addictions, meat eating and drinking”, not only for protection from all calamities of this type, but also for the overall development of the individual, family, country, and world.

Instead of adopting  the principles of our great men one by one, after suffering each loss, if we understand the importance of our great men who are the source of these principles; if we listen to their spiritual discourses, respect and revere them, and if we follow the path shown by them, then to get rid of these diseases and infections is a trivial gain; we can get freedom from stress, anxiety, sorrow, grief, agitation and monumental problems; and then by attaining eternal supreme bliss and peace, we can succeed in achieving the ultimate aim of human life. When will we understand this? When will we wake up?