Rishi Prasad- A Spiritual Monthly Publication of Sant Sri Asharam Ji Ashram

When the Impossible Happened

Earlier, wine and non-vegetarian foods were consumed in our household. Then, a Sadhaka made me a member of the ‘Rishi Prasad’ magazine, and when Bapuji came to Jammu, he advised me to have His darshan.

After a lapse of 2-4 days he again asked me, “Had you been to the Satsang programme?”

I said, “I didn’t find time.”

“You missed this chance of having His darshan in your home city; at a time of adversity, you will have to bear travel expenses going out of your city to get the same.”

“Nothing like that will ever happen.” I countered him.

However, I didn’t know such a time actually awaited us. The very next year, we suffered a huge loss in our business. We sold our plot of land and made further investments in the business by taking loans, but the business didn’t come back on track. The situation was so grim that we felt pressurized to even sell our house. At that moment, a Sadhaka of Bapuji arrived and said: “Bapuji is coming to Haridwar shortly.”

Usually, man takes shelter of God only when he faces some problem. We reached Haridwar and attended the Shivir. After two days my husband said: “I want to take Mantra Diksha (Initiation).”

I said: “I won’t. I consume non-vegetarian foods. And you are a drinker. We will incur sin by taking Mantra Diksha.”

“I shall give up alcohol.”

I said: “How is that possible?”

People said, “After taking Mantra Diksha from Bapuji, these things are given up effortlessly.” Both of us took Mantra Diksha and regularly completed our spiritual routine as prescribed by Bapuji. All our addictions were gone. Today, by the grace of Bapuji, I have 3 buildings and 3 schools in Jammu; and the entire debt has been repaid. All this prosperity and happiness has come to us only by the grace of Bapuji. I consider Bapuji to be the living God.

– Ushadevi Rajput, Jammu