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Whom do you Remember?
Somebody wrote a letter to Gandhiji, saying: "Bapuji! Now please stop these hectic activities and Satyagraha struggle for freedom of India. You have become old and the end is near. This world is like a dog's curly tail, it will keep on moving like this. Lord Rama and Krishna descended, reformed the society laboriously striving to straighten the dog's tail out but it curled up again as soon as they let it go. Now you please leave all the work and taking the refuge in God, lead a blessed life."

Gandhiji said: "No work is my own as such. I do the work of my Rama only. People have succumbed to the influence of British customs and traditions. They have turned away from remembering the indweller self, Rama and consequently deprived of divine joy. Earning for consuming and vice versa – this is as good as frittering the life away like a machine. But Rama is my lifeblood even dearer than my own life. I can do without food, water, clothing and shelter; but not without my Rama. Each and every hair of my body is blessed with the grace of that Rama's remembrance."
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'Rama' means the inner self, Supreme Self abiding in every cell of the body. The Supreme Lord, which is Consciousness and Knowledge personified, is named as Rama. Whole world knows that Gandhiji was shot all of a sudden while he was passing by. "Hey Rama!" he uttered from his heart and he breathed his last. What he had given importance to in his life, was what he remembered at the time of trouble too.

What is given importance in life is only what is recalled at the time of death. May we remember the Supreme Self at the times of success and failure too. Nobody knows when and where this life would come to an end. So better do the work that we should do before the end of life. What needs to be done is: Remembrance of God and attainment of His Knowledge. You know the true nature of God. Uma Ram Subhau Jehin Jana ? Tahi Bhajnu Taji Bhav Na Aana?? "Uma, he who has come to know the true nature of Rama can have no relish for anything other than His worship." (Shri Rama Charita Manasa, Sundar Kanda: 33.2) One, who gets to know the true nature of God, can't do without worshipping Him. Motiveless grace is the very nature of God. God is the friend of all beings. Whenever we recall Him, He doesn't look at our vices. The moment we remember Him, He accepts us; because He knows that Jiva (individual soul) belongs to Him alone. Though it has forgotten Me being overcome by passions but at least now it is calling Me!
Asaram bapuji's discourses
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Like Gandhiji, you can also set your mind on God even while doing all activities. Things would be easier if you give importance to Him. You just once attain the Knowledge of the true nature of God, find peace in Him, get the joy of remembering Him, and that's it!

Suppose you are someone's guest and you are wearing a diamond ring that has INR .5 million worth of diamond studded in it; and you have forgotten the same in the bathroom. In the market you recall that 'Oh! I was bathing at your place, had taken-off the ring and had kept it at so-and-so place…now what to do? Hurry up, let's go.' You are doing shopping; meeting various people, yet you repeatedly recall that diamond ring, thinking that it shouldn't be lost. Now, you give importance to a small piece of stone then, it gets automatically recalled on its own; similarly, if you give importance to "The Diamond" of diamonds – The Supreme Self, you will automatically have his remembrance.

Whatever is remembered with utmost importance all through the life is recalled even at the time of death.
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