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Meaning and Secret of Celibacy/Brahmacharya

The technical meaning of Brahmacharya/Celibacy is mastery of perfect control over all sense organs.
There are two essential requirements for brahmacharya:
(1) Two things are essential. One should set a higher goal
(2) One should have control over one's mind and the senses.

The fundamental aim of brahmacharya/celibacy is guiding the mind and the senses towards the right direction. An excellent virtue that brahmacharya is, helps man in all times and climes. It helps one overcome all types of dangers in life.
Brahmacharya is the very basis of spiritual life. Today, spirituality has suffered a great downfall, and we need to re-establish it to its pristine glory. Brahmcharya is definitely a very important factor in this endeavour.

A little deliberation would reveal that even the institution of marriage in the householder's stage of life is designed to promote brahmacharya. If one leads the life as ordained by the scriptures, the married life too is a means of practising brahmacharya.
Mother Earth is overburdened with sins, not the growing population. The population of the world can increase through virtuous methods as also through sinful methods.
The population can decline too through virtuous and sinful methods. There is no harm in either growth or decline if the means thereof are virtuous, but if the means are sinful, growth would mean a painful burden on Mother Earth, and decline too would mean a loss to society.

The practice of birth control through artificial contraceptive means will not only prevent the birth of babies, but also diminish the intellectual faculties as well. This Creative Energy which we call 'Virya' (Semen), is being misused by mankind. This energy which could be utilised for constructive purposes through sublimation is being wasted on sensual gratification. The control on sexual indulgence which was exercised by people in past is now absent. Couples are now overindulging in unrestrained sexual gratification, while preventing childbirth through contraceptives. It will cause loss of their mental balance. This signals doom for the nation. This will produce a society of spiritless, lustreless people devoid of radiance and plagued by nervous debility. It will lead to increase in patients suffering from diseases, particularly AIDS and other twenty sexually transmitted diseases, mental disorders. It will increase crimes, social problems, promiscuity and infidelity in the society.

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'SEX' is simply wreaking havoc on the human society. I perceive it more dangerous than war. Non-violence is threatened by violence. More is threatened mankind by lust. The progeny of sexually debilitated (due to overindulgence) will be weak and dull. This can be observed even in animals. A lion reproduces less number of offspring than a goat in his lifetime. Stronger animals are less libidinous than their weaker counterparts. Let us, therefore, create an environment, which is conducive to self-control. Let there be more creativity, more positive effort in society; let us improve the quality of literature (including films, TV programs, internet websites and advertisements) currently available and stop circulation of vulgar literature (pornography), racy books, blue films, and vulgar cinema.
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Secret of Celibacy

Once Rishi Dayananda was asked, "Does Cupid (the god of lust) trouble you?" He replied, "Yes, he does come, but he has to keep waiting outside my house, because he never finds me unoccupied." So busy was Rishi Dayananda that he would have no time for ordinary worldly matters. This was the secret of his brahmacharya. O youths! Waste not even a moment in your life. Always keep yourself engaged in some noble work. Develop the habit of keeping ever busy. 'IDLE BRAIN IS DEVIL'S WORKSHOP.' An idle person is more prone to fall prey to passion. Keep your thoughts pure, noble and lofty. By thus ennobling your thoughts, you can bring about an inner transformation. When lofty sÍttvic thoughts hold sway, lowly rÍjasic thoughts will be automatically kept at bay. SÍttvic and pure thoughts alone are the very basis of brahmacharya.
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