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Benefits of E-Magazine :

* Saves Paper Saves Trees
* Available much before hard copy
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E-Magazine: Now RishiPrasad (the largest circulated spiritual monthly publication in the world with more than 10 million readers) is also available in E-Magazine format along with Hard Copy format.

Benefits of E-Magazine

Saves Papers, Saves Trees.

Easiest Payment Method: Subscription can be taken using your Credit Card, Debit Card, NET BANKING facility with almost every bank like State Bank of India.

E-Magazine is available on website much before hard-copy reaches your home.

E-Magazine can be accessed anytime anywhere , It just requires a internet connection.

Older issues of Rishi Prasad are also available on website in E-Magazine format and can be accessed anytime anywhere.

All issues of Rishi Prasad in E-Magazine format are designed in FOUR COLOR format which makes reading a very nice experience for readers.

Articles in E-Magazine have pictorial descriptions , again making a better reading experience.

With Enhanced Flash Reader , Reading E-Magazine is no different than reading a BOOK.

Readers can switch to any page of the magazine while reading by just clicking the page number.

With so many features listed above and many more , E-Magazine subscription charges are still kept the same and low as Hard-Copy subscription charges.

Subscription Rates for E-Magazine
Period In India (Other than English) In India English Edition SAARC Countries (All Languages) Other Countries (All Languages)
Annual Rs.60/- Rs.70/- Rs.300/- US$ 20
2 Years Rs.100/- Rs.135/- Rs.600/- US$ 40
5 Years Rs.225/- Rs.325/- Rs.1500/- US$ 80
Life Rs.500/- N.A. N.A. N.A.

Subscribe now for E-Magazine version of Rishi Prasad and start a whole new reading experience.

Free versions to evaluate our E-Magazine format are also available , check our free versions section below .

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